Laundry Pricing

Laundry and vending machines take quarters and loonies.

Our change machine can swap your bills ($5/$10/$20) and toonies for loonies and quarters.

All personal laundry is self-serve only at this time. We do not currently offer drop-off service.

Self-Serve Wash

We have 2 different size washers.

Top Load 15lb Washers

$2.50/ wash 

Accepts : Exact Change

2 Loonies + 2 Quarters

Front Load 20lb Washers

$3.00/ wash

Accepts : Any Combination of

Quarters & Loonies

Uses 50% less water than top load 🌎

Spin faster & save you $ on dry!

No Queen/King duvets and comforters please!

Self-Serve Dry

Our dryers run on propane to give you a hotter, faster dry.

Minimum Spend

$3.00 - 30 minutes

Heavy materials (towels, hoodies etc) and large loads may require more than 30 minutes. Avoid paying the minimum again & save money by topping up before the dryer begins cool-down.

Top-Up Pricing

$1.00 - 10 mins extra time

$0.25 - 2 mins extra time